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About Us

Union Station Blueprint

Architectural Masterpiece. Living History. A place for great adventure. Where Kansas City Connects. All of these phrases – and more – are regularly used to describe Union Station. Visitors of all ages, from all places and for all reasons tie Union Station to special and magical moments from their lives. What a great honor it is to be caretakers of this history and makers of its magnificent future!

About Union Station



Built in 1914, Union Station opens her arms with 850,000 square feet of amazing space that originally featured 900 rooms. In her prime as a working train station, she accommodated hundreds of thousands of passengers each year. During WWII, an estimated one million travelers – many of them soldiers -- passed through the Station. The North Waiting Room (now Sprint Festival Plaza) held 10,000 people and the complex included restaurants, a cigar store, barber shop, railroad offices, the nation's largest Railway Express Building (used for shipping freight and mail) as well as a powerhouse providing steam and power.  So many stories of farewells, reunions and of day-to-day vibrancy still echo in her walls.  Just listen . . .

Closed in the 1980s, our Station sat empty and neglected, narrowly escaping demolition on several occasions. Then, in 1996, a historic bi-state initiative was passed to fund the Station's renovation, which was completed in grand fashion in 1999.

Union Station is once again a majestic and desired destination for our surrounding communities.  She is at once, magical, warm, casual, elegant, full of surprises and wise from experience but young at heart.

Union Station draws tourists from all over the world who marvel at her Grand Hall's 95-foot ceiling, three 3,500-pound chandeliers and the six-foot wide clock hanging in her central arch.  She wakes up early and stays up late to host business meetings, recognition events, weddings and parties of all sorts.  And that’s just the beginning . . .

Just as you could 100 years ago, you can still catch the train at Union Station's Amtrak stop and head out across the country.

You'll also find a permanent rail exhibit called the KC Rail Experience, exhibit spaces for traveling exhibits produced by the Smithsonian, National Geographic and other international organizations, a planetarium, an interactive science center Science City and a vibrant Theater District featuring giant-screen movies, live theater, and so much more.

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Mission & Goals

Union Station Kansas City, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Our Mission

Union Station Kansas City, Inc. shall be recognized as the region's finest educational and cultural resource committed to the preservation and interpretation of Kansas City's regional history and the promotion of innovation, research and discovery in science and technology through the development of collections, exhibitions and other educational programs for all citizens of and visitors to the Greater Kansas City metropolitan area.

Our Goals

  • To develop and nurture successful and financially sustainable museums and attractions within Union Station Kansas City and to ensure those facilities serve as the destination of choice for local residents and visitors.
  • To collect, preserve and interpret materials and artifacts that represent the broad scope of history within the diverse Kansas City metropolitan area, and to safeguard those collections for future generations.
  • To embrace our role as stewards of Union Station, and to invite visitors and assist them in understanding the importance of historic preservation in contemporary society.
  • To educate people of all ages in the area of Kansas City regional history and in the exploration of science, and to assist in experiencing old and new technologies affecting our lives and inspiring others to become innovators in developing technologies for the future.
  • To attract quality and diverse traveling exhibits for visitors of all ages.
  • To ensure that Union Station Kansas City and our representatives always provide outstanding customer service in museum, entertainment, commercial, dining, and retail services.

Our Senior Management

President & CEO – George Guastello

Executive Vice President & COO – Jerry Baber

Chief Marketing Officer – Michael Tritt

Director of Advancement & Community Relations – Joy Torchia

Director of Finance & Customer Service – Nale Uhl

Director of Technical & Building Operations – Duane Erickson

Acting Director of Science City – Jeff Rosenblatt


Our Board of Directors 

Robert D. Regnier
President and CEO
Bank of Blue Valley

Lee A. Derrough
Vice Chair
President and CEO (Retired)
Hunt Midwest Enterprises

Brenda Tinnen
Board Secretary
General Manager & Senior Vice President
Sprint Center & AEG

Michael Copeland
City of Olathe, KS

David Gentile
President and CEO
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City

Michael R. Haverty
Executive Chairman
Kansas City Southern

R. Crosby Kemper III
Chief Executive
Kansas City Public Library

Leo Morton
University of Missouri-Kansas City

Peggy J. Dunn
City of Leawood, KS

Greg M. Graves
Chairman, President & CEO
Burns and McDonnell

Katrina A. Henke
Vice Chairman
Milbank Manufacturing Company

Dan Lowe
RED Development, Inc.

Ramón Murguía
Attorney at Law
Murguía Law Offices

Sly James
Kansas City, MO