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Saturday Science Lab

February 1 - December 6, 2014
Every Saturday
Next Showing - April 26

Time - 1 p.m.
Duration - 20 minutes
Reservations - No advance registration is required for these walk-up programs

FREE with admission to the Science Center

Do you have a young scientist in the making? Does your child have a love for biology and science labs? We are excited to offer a hands-on science learning lab this summer that will provide an opportunity for budding scientists to participate in live dissections facilitated by a science center educator.

The science lab is an ideal way for families to roll up their sleeves and experience the wonders of science first-hand!

Programs Offered Spring 2014

  • Dissecting a Lamprey - March 29
  • Dissecting a Starfish - April 5
  • Dissecting Owl Pellets - April 12
  • Dissecting a Frog - April 19
  • Dissecting a Shrimp - April 26
  • Dissecting a Cow Eyeball - May 3
  • Dissecting a Fetal Pig - May 10
  • Dissecting a Sheep Brain - May 17
  • Dissecting a Perch - May 24

Science Center educators may elect to offer additional program start times based upon the size/needs of our guests. This will be communicated by the educator facilitating the workshops.

Science comes to life with our daily demonstrations and activities at our Demo Area.