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Union Station Stories

Now Open: Union Station Stories Shoe Shiners Exhibit

In the golden years of rail travel, a man’s status (civilian and soldier) could be measured by the shine on his shoes.  Since many travelers were headed to important destinations, station shoeshine services were in high demand.  From the time Union Station opened, many grown men turned shoe shining into profitable businesses with shine stands in bus and train stations, hotels and nightclubs, ball parks and country clubs.

Come experience Shoe Shiners, the first addition to the Union Station Stories permanent history exhibit. In the exact location where enterprising men practiced their trade, Shoe Shiners will feature stories and artifacts from their era.


100 years of fascinating Union Station history. 


Union Station Stories, the 5,000 SQF permanent exhibit that exquisitely captures the rich and diverse cultural history of the Station through significant stories and beautiful artifacts.


100-years of history in a rich, culturally diverse experience and Union Station’s role in the heart of Kansas City.


Video From: KCPT


From Grand Hall, start at the staircase in the
Southwest elevator vestibule and follow through Mezzanine levels 2 and 3.