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Union Station Kansas City collects items of historic significance that represent Kansas City and the region. This collection activity dates to 1939, when the organization operated as the Kansas City Museum Association. The organization collected broadly; museum collections of art, local history, archeology, natural history, ethnography, Native American cultures, clothing and textiles; and archival collections of photographs, film and manuscripts. Four collections are of national significance and continue to be requested for research, publication and exhibition: the photograph collection, the Native American collection, the clothing and textile collection, and the harness and tack collection associated with Loula Long Combs, daughter of the builder of Corinthian Hall.


Under its new mission, USKC will focus its collecting on the following areas:


Regional Kansas City History with an emphasis on economic and transportation history. Subjects include, but are not limited to: the rail industry with emphasis on the rail lines that supported Union Station; the era of R.A Long (1880-1940) and the carriage collection associated with Loula Long Combs and Corinthian Hall; and Kansas City businesses and industry, particularly retail and manufacturing.


Native American collections, particularly those of the Kansas City region, including recently-created objects.


Clothing and Textiles with emphasis on growing the collection of 20th century clothing.


Civic Life including ephemera, photographs and news footage (film and video) related to local politics.


Science and Exploration.

A small, but growing collection is searchable via our online database.
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Please contact our staff for details and with questions.




Staff Contact Information


Director of Collections & Curatorial Services

Denise Morrison

[email protected]

(816) 460-2052


Curatorial Specialist, Three-Dimensional Collections

Lisa Shockley

[email protected]

(816) 460-2055



Ryan Schaub

[email protected]

(816) 460-2234


Database Specialist

Sally Patterson

[email protected]

(816) 460-2053


If you would like to donate items to the collections, please contact the Registrar below.



Matt Renick

[email protected]

(816) 460-2225