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Genghis Khan

April 1 - 26, 2020

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Discover how legends are made in this world-class exhibition that explores the culture, conquests and heritage of the world’s greatest conqueror . . . the man Time Magazine and The Washington Post named "The Most Important Person of the Last Millennium."

Journey back 800 years, to experience the treasures and stories of Genghis Khan's 13th-century Mongol Empire. Presented in Kansas City for the first time, this world tour exhibition invites your entire family into an adventure across the vast grasslands of Central Asia, among the relics of Genghis Khan's reign.

Experience life in 13th-century Mongolia. Entering the tents, battlegrounds, and marketplaces of a vanished world. Explore Genghis Khan's life and those of his sons and grandsons during the formation, peak, and decline of the Mongol Empire.

View rare treasures from 13th-century Mongolia; more than 200 spectacular objects dramatically displayed to illustrate this legendary story. Gold jewelry and ornaments. Silk robes, musical instruments, pottery, sophisticated weaponry, and numerous other fascinating relics and elaborate artifacts.

Even encounter daily, authentic Mongolian live music, artisitic and dance performers. A rare cultural opportunity specific to this remarkable exhibition.

Plan and purchase tickets now to this exotic and uniquely interactive exhibition that tells the story of Genghis Khan - his life, his land, his people, his culture, and his enduring legacy.

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