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Dr. Zahi Hawass captivates Union Station audience

June 12, 2014

Our very special thanks to Dr. Zahi Hawass, "the original Indiana Jones," who delivered a fantastic and educational speech in his first-ever Kansas City appearance June 11. This famed Egyptologist -- whom you may recognize for his many specials on the Discovery Channel, The History Channel, National Geographic Channel and more --  regaled the sold-out Union Station audience with tales of archeological discovery and the importance of preserving antiquities for future generations. Dr. Hawass also signed copies of his book, Discovering Tutankhamun - From Howard Carter to DNA. On Thursday, Dr. Hawass was on hand at the The Discovery of King Tut to answer questions and discuss the wonders recreated in the exhibit.

Dr. Zahi Hawass and an appreciative fan

KSHB-41 Kansas City was on hand to interview Dr. Hawass. He explained why replicas -- such as those seen in our exhibit -- are the best way to teach people about antiquities.



Read more about Dr. Hawass at his website.