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Genghis Khan to Invade Union Station 
Starting October 24th

August 22, 2019

Discover the man behind the legend in this acclaimed exhibition experienced by over one million people worldwide

Kansas City, Mo. (August 22, 2019) He is the greatest conqueror the world has ever known. The mere mention of his name struck fear in the hearts of his enemies, while at the same time, united millions.  

Starting October 24th, for an exclusive and limited engagement, visitors to Union Station will explore the culture, conquests and heritage of the man Time Magazine and The Washington Post named "The Most Important Person of the Last Millennium" when Genghis Khan: Bringing the Legend to Life opens the latest leg of its acclaimed North American tour.

“On the grand scale of our wildly popular King Tut, Pompeii and Titanic exhibitions, Union Station invites visitors to take an epic journey back in time with one of history’s most enduring and controversial figures - Genghis Khan,” Union Station president and CEO, George Guastello, said. “Through brilliant original artifacts, live performers, stunning artwork, immersive surround elements and other historically significant items, guests of every age will discover the nearly-impossible true story of the world’s most prolific conqueror, civilizer and innovator.”  

A military genius, Genghis Khan created the largest land empire ever to exist, dominating three times more land in his lifetime than either Julius Caesar or Alexander the Great. Additionally, his lineage established the modern borders of nations from India to Iran, Korea to China and opened the trade routes that united East and West, forever after.

“Visitors will experience life in 13th-century Mongolia, entering the tents, battlegrounds and marketplaces of a vanished world,” Guastello, said.  “Genghis Khan’s story - and those of his sons and grandsons during the formation, peak and decline of the Mongol Empire - will be brought to life in this unforgettable journey.” 

Presented in Kansas City for the first time, this world tour exhibition features more than 300 spectacular objects, including rare and sophisticated weapons and a formidable array of swords, bows, arrows, saddles and armor. Costumes, jewels, ornaments, instruments and other fascinating relics assist in creating a more complete image of the legendary leader. In total, these priceless original artifacts from Genghis Khan’s 13th century Empire form the largest such collection ever to tour.

However, the exhibition is much more than a brilliant collection of artifacts; it’s an immersive experience. At the beginning of their journey, exhibition visitors will receive the identity of a Mongolian resident. Whether a warrior, spy or princess, visitors will follow their life throughout the rise of the great Mongol Empire across six key scenes and eight unique galleries:  

The Grasslands: Discover the daily life of a nomad on the high plateaus of Central Asia and learn about the outcast Genghis Khan’s earliest struggles. Walk into an ancient Mongol ger (yurt) home. Stand in the midst of a herd of stampeding horses.

Rise of the Mongols: Learn how the young, charismatic Genghis Khan united warring tribes in order to form an unrivaled cavalry. Explore the equestrian culture and innovations in weaponry Genghis Khan mastered to conquer four times more land than any Empire in history.

The Walled City: Enter the recreation of Karakorum, the walled city, which became the capital of the Mongolian Empire after Genghis Khan’s son inherited the kingdom. See how life changed for Mongols once they had vanquished all of their enemies, and arts and diverse religions and cultures flourished as the need for war subsided. 

The Silk Road: While Genghis Khan was a ruthless warrior, he was also a savvy statesman and benevolent ruler. He developed a written language and a sophisticated society with fair taxation, stable government, appreciation of the arts, religious freedom and open trade along the Silk Road. Explore this vital trade route which enabled the exchange of both goods and ideas between cultures.

The Palace of Kublai Khan: Enter the sumptuous Chinese palace of Xanadu, the center of the Empire of Genghis’s grandson, Kublai, who united China for the first time. See porcelain treasures and a sword with the emblem of a guardian of Marco Polo, among many others.

Mongolia Today: Trace the influence of Genghis Khan in images of modern Mongolian life. The distinctive horse-based culture of Genghis Khan’s time persists today as the nation and language he created lives on eight centuries after his rule. See how his legend lives on through the namesake of many modern Mongolian brands, and how he was revered as a god among the Mongolian people.

“This dynamic exhibition presents a more complete image of the legendary leader and the world in which he lived,” Jerry Baber, Union Station EVP & COO, said. “Genghis Khan not only was a brilliant military strategist known for ruthless practices, but also a leader known for fierce loyalty to his people and a pioneer for religious freedom. Our guests will be invited to experience the Mongolian culture with live performances of authentic Mongolian music, art and dance. In this exhibition, there truly is something for everyone.”

Plan and purchase tickets now to this exotic and uniquely interactive exhibition that tells the story of Genghis Khan - his life, his land, his people, his culture, and his enduring legacy.

Tickets are now on sale with complete details at Press kit images available for DOWNLOAD.

Tickets & Pricing*

Specially priced family four-packs are available now for $55, and two tickets for $35 thru September 15th.

• Member Price: $12.95
• General Admission Adult: $17.95

• General Admission Child: $14.95
• VIP Voucher: $21 (Adds flexibility to visit exhibition any time and reduces box office wait)
• Groups:  Adult $10/Child $9 (Available for groups of 10 or more)
*An additional $1.25 Preservation Fee is added to the prices shown above and to every touring exhibition ticket to help preserve our historic building.

Hours of Operation
Monday thru Friday: 10am – 6pm
Saturday: 10am – 7pm
Sunday: 10am – 5pm


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August 22, 2019
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