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Kansas City's Maker Faire has become one of the largest

June 26, 2014

Posted: Thursday, 26 June 2014 4:54AM


KANSAS CITY, Mo. - It's about inspiring creativity, buying and selling home built creations, and doing things a little bit unusual. It's the fourth Maker Faire this weekend at Union Station. It's a bit like shareware you find online because people make stuff.

They make everything from robots, to food, to jewelry. Many will show you how. Luis Rodriguez, is the event's organizer and says a medieval weapon, a trebuchet, will be available for show and tell.

"Trebuchet is a type of catapult and so this looks like something out of 'Lord of the Rings'. It functions, except we're going to be throwing water balloons. You can't see that anywhere else," said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez says 350 booths will be in place. He tells us people like to share their ideas and some businesses have actually gotten their start at Maker Faire.