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Newest Attraction at Union Station Combines Laser Tag, High Tech and Extreme Theatrics to Create Realistic Battleground for Zombie Apocalypse

July 3, 2019

Survive KC offers ultimate experience for thrill-seekers.
Opening this weekend, July 5, 6 and 7.

KANSAS CITY, MO – For anyone who’s ever wanted to suit up and take down the walking dead, Survive KC, opening this Friday on the previously shuttered sixth and seventh floors of historic Union Station, is the ultimate thrill experience.

“Players are fully immersed in the experience making this the closest thing you’ll ever get to being inside a video game,” Jason Mendez, owner, Survive KC. “We’ve created something incredibly unique. Something you won’t find anywhere else in the Midwest. We’ve combined cutting-edge technology, live-action theatrics and adrenaline-pumping competition and set it in Kansas City’s most iconic location – Union Station. Even better, it occupies two floors of the Station that were previously off-limits to the public.”

Players will navigate the maze of dark and wandering hallways of the sixth and seventh floors of Union Station. Once the site of a purported military science experiment gone wrong, is now a battleground to save the City from a colony of Zombies who have been disturbed by recent renovations. Though they wander the darkness, desperate to escape, they still bear the laser sensors from the project. That’s where the fun comes in! The only way to keep the apocalypse contained and save Kansas City, is to suit up, look for the light and aim carefully!?

“Survive KC utilizes iCOMBAT technology - the same technology used to train members of the military and law enforcement across the United States,” Mendez said. “It allows us to deliver a tactical laser tag experience that is as realistic and competitive as it comes. If a zombie emerges from the shadows and gets within five feet of a player, the player will be eliminated. The players can only stop the zombies’ advances by hitting their laser target. It’s very real and very intense.”

It’s so intense that owners advise that children may find it too scary. For that reason, children under 13 are allowed in the Survive KC gaming area only if accompanied by an adult. Survive KC is located on the sixth and seventh floors of Union Station, with a ticketing kiosk located between the main information booth and restrooms in Grand Hall. Children under 13 yrs. are $15 with or without laser equipment. Adult packages start at $27.99. The schedule for opening weekend is: Friday July 5th 3 to 11 pm; Saturday, July 6th, noon to 11 pm; and Sunday, July 10th from noon to 10 pm.

Visit for ongoing business hours and ticket information or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.