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Painters ascend 95 feet to reach Kansas City’s Union Station ceiling

February 11, 2016

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Kansas City's Union Station is getting a new coat of paint on its decorative ceiling this week. Union Station's managers say it's a priority to preserve the look of this 101-year-old train station and, once in a while, that means painting the highest part of the building.

The painters use a special hydraulic lift to rise 95 feet off the floor. Two of the painters took our FOX 4 camera's for a ride to see the view and capture their work close up.

On Thursday, the paint crew diagnosed which areas needed the most touch-up work.

"The doors are very small, those brass doors. We have a special lift that comes in, and then, there's a hydraulic system that goes up nearly 95 feet in the air. You have a special painter up there touching up the beautiful historic experiences," said George Guastello, Union Station President for seven years.

While they're on the lift, the painters are also replacing lightbulbs in the terminal's three huge chandeliers. Union Station's leaders say the public is welcome to come watch the paint job. The big hydraulic system will be here all week.

Union Station received a full renovation in 1996.