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My granddaughter was so excited to hear that I was taking her here! She told me all about everything she learned about in school about Pompeii. Thanks for this exciting experience. She also told me that her school read a book about a dog from Pompeii. Thank you again for this experience!

Thank you Italy for letting KC see these amazing artifacts!

Loved that we got this exhibition to come to town it was great!

This was amazing. Thank you.

One of the best exhibit we have been to

It was very engaging and educational.

cool experience coming from the interactive video out to the ash bodies, really captivating and emotional

I especially enjoyed the effects with the eruption of Vesuvius. The sound, lights and "smoke" effect were incredible!

Fascinating! I have always been interested in the story of Pompeii! Thanks for procuring this wonderful exhibit!

What an opportunity to see what we have read about.

I saw and learned more in this exhibit that I did when I was in Italy. Very well done.

Thank you so much. We totally enjoyed Pompeii: The Exhibition and showing off the best of Kansas City.

Christina D.

Thank you for the POMPEII experience. We had out-of-town guests and they truly enjoyed it! We try to go to all of the exhibits and this one is a definite favorite! Thank you for bringing such quality exhibits to KC!