A four-level parking garage is located on the west side of Union Station. Additional parking is available up front. The east side is reserved for Union Station visitors, the west side is reserved for U.S. Post Office patrons.

0-30 min Free
30 min – 1 Hour $1
1 Hour – 1.5 Hours $2
1.5 Hours – 2 Hours $3
2 Hours – 2.5 Hours $4
2.5 Hours – 8 Hours $5
More Than 8 Hours $10/day max

Mid-Con Management
Phone (816) 471-3276
[email protected]


As a transportation hub, Union Station Kansas City (USKC) encourages cyclist to experience Union Station attractions and restaurants. For cyclist convenience USKC provides exterior bike rack for the general public and guests of Union Station Kansas City on the east and west side of of Union Station. As well as a bike rack in the Southwest parking lot. A reserved bike rack for tenants and employees of Union Station Kansas City is located on Level B OK Street. Cyclists are encouraged to use bike racks located throughout Union Station property for bike parking. Union Station regulations prohibit attachment of bicycles to trees, posts, signs, stairwells, railings, or handicapped ramps on the exterior or interior areas of the property. Any bicycles found secured to any object other than bike racks are subject to removal by Union Station Security. No bicycles are allowed to be parked or stored in the interior building of Union Station.

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