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All Aboard

Let the power of play lead the way in amazing ALL ABOARD – our newest train themed area geared for our younger friends ages 4-7. Hop on our play Steam Locomotive, role play in the Sleeper & Dining Cars, transport goods and materials at Load It Up, create a toy train village at Build-A-Track, crawl through the Model Train Display and move freight at the Intermodal Table.

  • Inspired by the people and technology of trains and railroads, early learners can imagine, experience and role play a variety of people and places.
  • Engages children ages 4-7 in train and railroad themed activities to develop spatial thinking, organizing and problem-solving skills.
  • Learn about and appreciate the complex, creative systems that define train and transportation networks.
  • Enjoy a range of developmentally appropriate experiences that offer opportunities to strengthen physical, social and emotional skills.



Steam Locomotive & Mail Car – Let your young engineer run the 1920’s Steam Locomotive. Inside the cab young train engineers can operate levers and cranks to stoke the coal, bubble up steam and blow the train whistle. In the mail car at the back of the locomotive, try your hand at sorting mail and postcards destined for various towns along the original route of the Southwest Chief.

Sleeper Car & Dining Car – Young travelers can board our Sleeper & Dining Car and role play overnight travel straight from the 1920’s. See what it’s like to eat “on the move” with a complete play kitchen and plenty of seating, where pint-sized chefs can serve their patrons in style! After eating “your fill” visit our Pullman sleeper car and relax with a book or imagine actually sleeping on a train on a long journey.

Load It Up – Transport goods and materials at Load It Up. Transfer grain (round play pit balls) from a wagon into a truck, then onto a grain elevator and into a railway car. Using cranks, wheels and levers children can watch and move the pit balls from harvest to train, imagining the real harvest process along the way.

Intermodal – At the Intermodal Table children can imagine they’re in charge, moving miniature freight containers along an expansive toy table landscape using Brio trains, trucks, container ships and barges.

Build-A-Track – At Build-A-Track, young train enthusiasts can build and test Brio Tracks along a series of varied floor-level surfaces. Surfaces will feature logistical challenges like miniature hills, rivers and forests.

Model Train Display – Watch tiny trains circle through the Kansas City landscape at the Model Train Display. Trains travel up and down hills, and through the heart of downtown Kansas City and Union Station. Young children can even crawl through a tunnel in the display to a secret porthole!