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Creative Corner

In CREATIVE CORNER, children will have opportunities to engage in early STEM skills such as making observations, experimenting, predicting, categorizing; developing material and tool literacy; and practicing fine motor skills. Exploring with open-ended sensory materials some caregivers might be reluctant to try at home, children discover the attributes of various materials, learn cause and effect relationships and develop their spatial sense. They discover both what materials can do and what they can do with, and to, those materials—promoting curiosity and creativity, and practicing focus, persistence, and problem solving.


Paint Room – A glass-walled room where children of all ages can use brushes or their fingers and hands to paint directly onto glass walls as they blend colors, make designs and draw pictures that can also be seen from outside. The Paint Room leaves an open palette for your creativity.

Sand Spinner – At the Sand Spinner young ones can sculpt designs over large slowly-spinning disks covered in sand. Three spinning disk stations are set at various speeds allowing children to draw patterns in the sand by using handheld props, or simply their fingers. Over the rotating Sand Spinner, a young sand sculptor can produce a variety of cool shapes, including circles, spirals, stars and cardiods.

Sand Light Tables – The Sand Light Tables take a familiar play experience in sand and reimagines it in the added dimension of light. Children can sculpt and comb sand made colorful by a raised back-lit platform. This unique combination changes how children choose to interact with the sand, creating layered patterns across the surface and exploring the interplay between sand and light.

Program Space – Two program areas will flex to offer an engaging, sensory-rich experience for early learners and their caregivers, as well as art activities for older children. Both staff led and self-directed activities will be offered in this space, providing learning opportunities to use tools, explore materials and think creatively. The activities will be fresh, engaging and fun!


Daily Open House Hours

Daily Workshops | Limited capacity for each session and no late entry | Ages 7 and under.
Tuesday thru Saturday: 10:15 AM - 10:45 AM Sunday: 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM.