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Force & Motion

The new Force & Motion area is a new permanent exhibition area that enriches our guest experience through fun, educational, and engaging interactive exhibits.  These cool, new, hands-on exhibits help create meaningful connections and promote exploratory learning for guests off all ages in the topics of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics – or S.T.E.A.M.

The innovative modular design of the interactive exhibits also allows for easy plug and play updates in the future, so we can keep the experience fresh and new.  Overall, the Force & Motion area continues to fulfill an important Science Center goal:  to serve as a scientific and educational resource to the community.

  • At Air Rockets, choose your plastic bottle rocket, place it on the launch pad, pump up the air pressure and send it soaring!  The rockets can be launched over and over as you experiment with various amounts of air pressure, all the while observing the effects of force & motion.
  • At the Circuit Bench you can create connections to complete an electrical circuit, turn a generator crank, and power everyday devices like lights, bells, clocks and fans.  Test how many devices you can power at once, discover what devices require more energy, and create your own electrical circuit design….without any of the shock!
  • At Air Cars, select any car off the shelf, place on one of two parallel tracks, and pump up the air pressure.  On the count of 3 hit the start button and race a friend’s car down the 20ft track to the finish line!  All the while, Sir Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion is shown first hand.
  • Sail Cars has all of the sailing and none of the water!  Did you know the best angle to sail into the wind is at 45°?  The vessel must zig-zag, or “tack”, from starboard to port to reach a destination upwind.  Test out this common sailing practice to harness enough wind force to sail upwind.

Located on Level 1