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Let's Play

Explore a variety of interactive environments in LET’S PLAY – a new exhibit area designed for young learners 3 and under. Let your little ones explore safely through the Babyscape, Pretend Play, Ramps & Runs and Air Play areas.

  • Children - 3 and under - can learn about themselves and the world around them
  • Practice developing skills – social, emotional, cognitive, physical (fine & gross motor), language and numeracy
  • Allows adults and young children to build trusting relationships and experience delight in playing together
  • Caregivers can observe and celebrate their children at play, as well as discover and practice some of the foundational elements of child development and early learning



Babyscape – Infants and crawlers can explore Babyscape, a play space with an assortment of floor surface types. The area features various gross motor and sensory experiences, from the soft Sensory Garden to the wavy Waterbed.

Pretend Play – Toddlers can let their imagination run wild in Pretend Play. Explore the nooks and crannies of the cave, jump across the creek, cook in the house, hop in the jeep or investigate the tree and its leaves. Take a minute to try on a forest animal costume and roam through Pretend Play – a must see for the younger set!

Ramps & Runs – Energetic tots can climb, crawl and test their gross motor skills in Ramps & Runs. Navigate across bridges, stump stairs and a mini noodle forest in this fun, high energy space.

Air & Gravity Play – Discover how air interacts with everyday objects in Air Play. Test scarves in the Flight Lab, float play pit balls and other objects on the air table and explore the greatness of gravity on the Ball Fall Wall.

Kitchen & Amenities – Take a needed break in the kitchen area where you can have snack time, prep baby bottles, access the family restroom and have quiet time in the private nursing room. The kitchen is here to help make time spent in LET’S PLAY convenient for parents and caregivers!

Let’s Play was specifically designed to support the development and safety of children birth to 3 years, together with their adult caregivers, as of now, children over 3 are not currently allowed in the space. We are exploring ways to welcome older siblings safely in the future. In the meantime, the Museum has many areas where all ages can play together.