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GKC Science & Engineering Fair Forms

The Greater Kansas City Science & Engineering Fair is an affiliate of the International Science & Engineering Fair (ISEF).  ISEF has developed (following strict national scientific and educational guidelines) a set of regulation forms that must be signed prior to experimentation. ISEF Fair Rules Wizard, click here

All Senior Projects grades 9-12 will need to complete ISEF forms. Click here for ISEF forms. 

Students in grades 4-8 are not required to use the regulation forms unless they have designed a project using human subjects, human cells, tissue, teeth, organs, or body fluid.

All Intermediate and Junior Projects required the following forms, if:

Projects using human or animal tissue, including blood, blood products, teeth, primary cell cultures, & body fluids must have Human or Animal Tissue Form (1) (must be signed by Science Review Committee (SRC)- See form)

Projects use human subjects (including the student doing the experiment) must include  Human Participant Form (2)

Projects that involve hazardous materials must include  Hazardous Materials Form (3)

Projects that involve bacteria must include  Bacteria Form (4)

Projects involving live non-human vertebrate animals include Non-Human Vertebrate Animal Form (5)

Projects not following proper protocol as described by ISEF will be disqualified.

Greater KC Science & Engineering Fair Photo Release, click here. 


Greater KC Science & Engineering Fair Handbooks
Senior Level (9-12) Handbook

Intermediate Level  (4-6) & Junior Level (7-8) Handbook

Organizing a Science Fair

Invention Handbook

Science Fair Paper 4-6 grade Handbook

Science Fair Paper 7-12 Handbook