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Big Bird's Adventure: One World, One Sky

August 27 - November 20, 2020
Every Sunday and Saturday
Additional Showings on August 27, August 28, September 2, September 3, September 4 and September 7
Next Showing - October 31


July 3 - September 7**:  Wednesday - Sunday at 2:00 PM

September 12 - November 20**:  Saturday & Sunday at 10:00 AM


PRICE: General admission: $8  |  Union Station Member tickets: $4

Through the lens of astronomy, children join Elmo, Big Bird and Hu Hu Zhu - a Muppet from the Chinese co-production of Sesame Street - on an adventure to the moon and to explore the night sky. One World, One Sky aims to provide young children in the U.S. and China with an age-appropriate introduction to astronomy, to promote positive attitudes toward science, and to foster cross-cultural appreciation.

Produced by: Sesame Workshop, PNC
Run time: 25 minutes
Recommended ages: Pre-K to 1st grade
Content includes: Early childhood astronomy concepts, constellations, introductory physics concepts, multiculturalism