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Daily Science Activities

February 4 - December 31, 2021
Every Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday
Next Showing - April 23


SUNDAY  12 PM - 5 PM

Free with Science City admission!
(Union Station members receive free admission to Science City year-round!)

Science City Daily Activities 

April Theme: Earth Day Every Day

Throughout the month, guests will encounter interactive activities, display exhibits, and educator-led demonstrations. See below for this month's activities beginning April 7.

Interactive Activities  | Early Learning Activities

Interactive Activities & Demonstrations

Activities are located throughout Science City. Guests are encouraged to participate in these hands-on activities. 


Demonstrations at the Periodic Table:

  1. Solutions for alternative energy-   Learn about how various alternative energy sources (wind, solar, water) work.
  2. Cleaning up our water-  Explore how important water is to our lives and how we can conserve this essential resource by mechanically cleaning up pollution and also enlisting the help of nature to clean up pollution.

Nature Works Chats at 11am & 3pm   Discover how every single creature on Earth has a unique survives on Earth and how you can use their answers for some of the questions facing Humanity. Such as, how to clean up the environment or how to survive global climate change.

Creative make and takes: (lead by educator after a demo providing information about the subject)

  1. Make a flower- Learn all about the parts of a flower and plant while creating a beautiful Earth day model. 
  2.  Make a seed bomb-  Learn all about how seeds work and make your own seed bomb from recycled materials. 

In the Maker Studio:

“Make A Bird Finger Puppet” Get a kit to make your own finger puppet of a native bird


Early Learning Activities 

Early Learning at the Periodic Table 

Ocean Clean Up/Nature Exploration: Learn about caring for our Earth's oceans in this hands-on activity about conservation. Also explore, examine, and sort items both man-made and from nature
Ages: 7 and under (Suggested ages 3-7)

Inside Creative Corner

Earth Collages: Create a multimedia collage celebrating Earth!

Make a Three Sisters Salad at Home!

Download Recipe