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Daily Science Activities

August 5 - December 31, 2020
Every Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday
Except November 26 and December 25
Next Showing - August 15

SCIENCE CITY HOURS: Wednesday - SUNDAY 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM & 2 PM - 5 PM 

Free with Science City admission!
(Union Station members receive free admission to Science City year-round!)

Science City Daily Activities 

August Theme: Summer Science

Throughout the month, guests will encouner interactive activities, display exhibits, and educator-led demonstrations. See below for August's activites. 

Interactive Activities | Display Exhibits | Demonstrations | Early Learning Activities


Interactive Activities

Activities are located at Periodic Table on the Bottom Level of Science City. Guests are encouraged to participate in these hands-on activities. 

Plant a seed.
Recommended for ages K-5
Make a container to scientifically observe seed germination. 

Dissect an owl pellet. 
Recommended for ages 7 + 
Learn owl biology by examining the food web of the forest. 

Catch a fish
Recommended for infants to 6.  
Catch a fish from the pond and use a identification chart to identify your catch. 

Make your own compass
Recommended for ages 7 + 
Learn about electromagnetism and make a compass for navigation. 

Explore the hidden microscopic world
Hand held scope will provide each guest to examine pond water, feathers, rocks, shells, creatures, all on a micro level.


Early Learning Activities 

Early Learning Activities occur on the Bottom Level of Science City in the four new spaces dedicated to early childhood learners. These spaces include PNC Learning Lab, Creative Corner, Let's Play and All Aboard. Activity locations do vary. 

In the PNC Learning Lab from 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM 

  • Become as bright as our sun by making a solar flare headband. Learn about the sun and practice fine motors such as beading and twisting during this fun activity.
  • Learn about how the sun interacts with colors by creating your own sun catcher. Practice early skills of fine motor and color recognition and explore creative expression/design.
  • Explore the life cycle of a butterfly by practicing observation and fine motor skills, with an emphasis on folding, by creating a paper butterfly.

Within Creative Corner 

  • Build-a-Bug with Play Dough! Learn about the parts of an insect's body while creating one of your own using play dough.

Display Exhibits 

Exhibits located in Periodic Table on the Bottom Level of Science City. Guests are encouraged to come check out these themed exhibits and discover new facts. 

Visualize active plants producing oxygen  

Plant structure
See a model of plant parts from roots to shoots

Flower and pollinator
View a  larger than life model of a flower

Ant farm

Biologic life viewing
Tadpoles and crayfish


Demonstrations occur on the Bottom Level of Science City in the Periodic Table or Maze Park. Throughout the day, Science City Educators will demonstrate some of the following activities for guests and are available for Q&A. 

Solar oven
cooking a marshmallow with the sun’s energy

Solar prints
use photoreactive paper to create art

Sidewalk drawings with shadows

Soap boat races
make a boat and move it with the polarity of soap droplets

Sun block demo
Teaches guests the importance of sunblock.