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Dinosaurs at Dusk: the Origins of Flight

May 26 - July 11, 2018
Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
Next Showing - June 20


May 26 - July 11MONDAY - FRIDAY: 11:00 AM

PRICE: General Admission: $7  |  Union Station Member Tickets: $2.50

Dinosaurs at Dusk is a learning adventure of a father and his teenage daughter Lucy, who share a fascination for all things that fly. You'll travel back in time to meet the pterosaurs and the ancestors of modern-day birds: the feathered dinosaurs. Lucy and her father navigate from continent to continent, looking for clues about the origins of flight. When time runs out they experience first-hand the cataclysmic "last day" of the dinosaurs.

Produced by: Mirage3D
Run time: 40 minutes
Recommended ages: 2nd grade to adult
Content includes: Paleontology, archeology, biology, geography, physics, aircraft mechanics, astronomy