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Online Easter Eggstravaganza

April 11, 2020

Join Science City for our Online Easter Eggstravaganza Parade celebration on April 11!

Put on your Easter best and join us for an Online Easter Eggstravaganza! All this week, Science City will be challenging YOU with some of our favorite Eggstravaganza activities: Make an Easter Hat and / or create a Mystery Egg Challenge. Details below. Create it yourself, and share it with us on Facebook. We're accepting submitted photos Wednesday to Friday. We will choose the top two winners to receive a $25 gift voucher to the Science City Store! Our live photo album will play on Saturday, April 11 at 11 AM. 

Don’t want to participate in a Create It, Share It Challenge? No worries! Just share your favorite Easter photos. We’ll be sharing some of our favorites too! Remember, photos must be shared from Wednesday to Friday. We can’t wait to see all the fun things you will come up with!

Upload Photos Here!

Mystery Egg Challenge!

Using the papier-mache method shown on our Instructables page (linked here!), create a mystery egg with your family! Then have your parent or caregiver secretly hide an item in the egg. You must use your 5 senses (and a flashlight) to collect observations and figure out what was hidden!

Record a video of you using your 5 senses to guess what was hidden and tearing open your mystery egg!

Invest-EGG-ate Using Your Five Senses!

Touch the item inside the egg. What do you feel?

Smell the item inside the egg. What do you smell?

Listen to the item inside the egg. What do you hear?

Taste the item inside of the egg (if your adult says its safe). What do you taste?

Look into the egg using a flashlight. What can you see?

How to Make a Mystery Egg!

Easter Hat Challenge!

Easter is just around the corner and we want to see your best Easter hat!

Use recycled materials to create your own hat at home, decorate it and make it your own! We cannot wait to see your creations! We have included some inspiration for creation below with possible ways to make a base for your hat!

For more ideas visit our instructables pages at: