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GSK Science in the Summer

GSK Science in the Summer™

2020 Theme: Be A Chemist!


What is GSK Science in the Summer™?


GSK Science in the Summer™, is a fun and FREE science education program for students entering grades two through six. Summer is a perfect time for kids to discover the wonderful and fascinating world of science through hands-on activities. Kansas City’s Science Center, Science City, is honored to host this opportunity again.

GSK Science in the Summer™ was created more than 30 years ago in Philadelphia as part of GSK’s commitment to supporting STEM education. Each year, it has continued to grow and improve to remain fresh, engaging and relevant for children across the country. This summer Kansas City-area children will join thousands with GSK Science in the Summer™ students nationwide as they learn the importance of chemistry in fields as varied as medicine, manufacturing, art, and environmental conservation through fun, hands-on, age-appropriate experiments.


What's New for 2020?

Science City is bringing GSK Science in the Summer™ Be a Chemist! program to the Greater Kansas City area virtually beginning in July. To accommodate the current climate of COVID-19, the programs will be done online. The program consists of experiments done via Zoom at summer camp sites or in the comfort of a student’s home where children can take on the roles of four different chemists to solve real-world problems: medicinal chemist, materials chemist, water chemist, and color chemist. Included are introductory videos and live virtual team meetings with a Science City Educator to share results from the experiments. Be a Chemist! is designed for children ages 7-13.

Registering for Program

Choose from two options for the GSK Science in the Summer™ Be a Chemist! program: 

Option 1 On-Site: Zoom Meeting with a Science City Educator and Chemistry Activity Kits.

Schedule a time to meet with a Science City Educator via Zoom for two, 1-hour session to perform (2) fun Be a Chemist! Experiments. Activity kits will need to be delivered prior to Zoom Call. Suggested for students in group settings such as summer camps, youth groups, etc. Schedule your program and date(s) now here

Option 2 at Home: Experiment at home on your own time. | Registration is now closed for this option, if you're interested in this option for your child, please contact Shea Sullivan at [email protected].

Sign up to virtually participate in the program to conduct (1) Be a Chemist! activity at home.  Watch a short introductory video about the Be a Chemist! Activity to help your child(ren) set up their at-home lab space and conduct their chemistry research project. Follow the provided activity guide(s) to explore the chemistry research project using the materials listed in the activity guide. Remember to follow the safety guidelines at all times. Science City will provide a limited number of supply kits for pick up. However, at home experiments can be done with supplies you may already have around your house! There is a mandatory follow up Zoom meeting with our Science City Educator to talk about Be A Chemist!

An email with dates and times will follow your packet pick up. Packet pick up with be Aug 3-7, by appointment only.


For more information on GSK Science in the Summer program, visit