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Saturday STEM Seminar 2018-2019



STEM professionals present highlights on their careers and hot topics in science, technology, engineering and math with a Q&A session following. Geared for students in grades 7-12.  9:00-10:00am in Union Station Extreme Screen Theatre. Registration is not required, please be sure to sign in when you arrive to the Saturday STEM Seminar. All seminars are FREE. 

SEPTEMBER 15, 2018
“Playing with Clay All Day - It's a REAL Job!,” E. Spencer Schubert, E.S. Schubert Sculpture Studios
Big Bronze statues of people. It's our job to make them! The bigger, the better. Do you want to find out how they're made? Come see photos and hear how these timeless artworks are created, from idea to clay to big bronze sculptures. A little math, a little science, a lot of art. 

OCTOBER 6, 2018
“Who Wants to Be an Astronaut,” Dr. Jason-Flor Sisante, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Kansas Medical Center, NASA-JPL Solar System Ambassador
Curiosity and exploration lie at the heart of humankind's quest to explore the cosmos but less than 600 humans have actually journeyed out of Earth's atmosphere. We will take a look at the journey of manned spaceflight and examine the rigorous training astronauts undergo in our quest to the moon, Mars and beyond! 

NOVEMBER 3, 2018 
“Get All Shook Up About Reducing, Reusing and Recycling,” Eco Elvis, Environmental "Edutainer"
What do you get when you mix Elvis, Weird Al Yankovic, and Al Gore? Eco Elvis! Eco Elvis sings parodies to "edutain" people about how to take care of the environment. His Reduce, Reuse, Recycle show is an interactive experience that combines songs and humor with trash, all while teaching about the 3 R's, composting and buying recycled. How many pounds of trash do each of us produce every day? Just how much of our trash is recyclable? There's only one way to find out! 

NOVEMBER 10, 2018
“The Real CSI and Forensic Science,” Linda Netzel, Kansas City's Crime Lab
Find out what the real CSI and forensic scientist of Kansas City do on a daily basis. Many areas of science are involved crime scene investigation, from bloodstain patterns to DNA analysis to name just a few. See how science plays a role in solving crimes, helping convict the guilty and exonerate the innocent. Learn from real cases in Kansas City. 

“The Wireless World,” Troy Calderwood, Vice President of Engineering, ERISYS, LLC
Today almost everything in the world communicates without wires. Wireless signals are everywhere at all times. Cell phones, WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS are just qa few of the signals you use every day. how do they work? What happens when they don't? Come and "see" wireless signals in action.

JANUARY 19, 2019 - RESCHEDULED for APRIL 13, 2019
“The Engineering Principles Key to Designing a Water Park,” Kyle McCawley, PE Senior Project Manager, Larkin Aquatics
Before anyone can enjoy the "thrills and spills" of a water park, detailed calculations, planning and evaluations are required. Learn about the many scientific and engineering principles that are required to successfully design and safely construct these exciting recreational amenities. 

FEBRUARY 2, 2019
“Seeing is Believing,” Sue Jaspersen, Ph.D., Associate Investigator, Stowers Institute for Medical Research
Humans are visual-centric species, so it should not be a surprise that an important part of science and medicine is to "see" the cells and parts of cells that make us up. How can we see things that are picometers to micrometers in size? Come and hear how monks, chemist, world wards, jellyfish and more have allowed cell biologists and pathologists to "see" through the lens of microscope exquisite features of healthy and diseased cells. 

FEBRUARY 23, 2019
“3D Printing is Architecture and Engineering,” Lydia Sloan Cline, Author & Drafting Professor, Johnson County Community College
3D printing is an exciting, cutting-edge technology used in fields as diverse as architecture, medicine, art and consumer product design. It all starts with a digital picture created using modeling software or photogrammerty, and ends with a physical product made of anything from concrete to plastic to gold to biomedical material! Look at interesting applications of 3D printing and discuss how to get started using it! 

MARCH 2, 2019
“Super Bugs: The Emerging Threat of Antibiotic Resistance and the Future of Treating Infections,” Justin Mehojah, Microbiologist, Great Plains Analytical Laboratory
Everyone has probably had strep throat at some point in their lives, but what if our strongest antibiotic didn't help at all? Antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest issues facing the medical field right now, and developing new therapies to fight these infections is paramount to the survival of our species. Hear about the exciting possibility of using a virus to treat resistant infections and how tihs idea has already been working in Europe for decades. 

APRIL 20, 2019
“Adventures in Engineering”
 Emily Arnold, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Aerospace Engineering, University of Kansas
Aerospace engineers are all around us, sometimes working in areas we maybe don't expect them. We will discuss the various fields of work an aerospace engineer coudl pursue, as well one engineer's work that took her all the way to the South Pole.