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Saturday STEM Seminar 2019-2020



STEM professionals present highlights on their careers and hot topics in science, technology, engineering and math with a Q&A session following. Geared for students in grades 7-12.  9:00-10:00am in Union Station Extreme Screen Theatre. Registration is not required, please be sure to sign in when you arrive to the Saturday STEM Seminar. All seminars are FREE. 


JANUARY 18, 2020:

“Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning,” Brandon Ramsey, Fishtech Group
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the ability of a computer program or machine to think and learn. Machines problem solve, just not the way humans do. How do machines learn and make predictions? How do we make data ready for the model? We’ll build a basic program to show how more data brings more accurate results.

FEBRUARY 1, 2020
“Hyperloop: In the Not Too Distant Future,” Ryan Weber, President, Kansas City Tech Council
There are taxis, buses, trains and most recently the streetcar... but what could be next for the future of transportation in Kansas City? The next feat in physics and engineering is upon us and Kansas City is vying for the bid. Think of the hyperloop system as high-speed rail travel in a vacuum. Come hear how Virgin Hyperloop One could propel the way we travel.  

FEBRUARY 22, 2020
"Developmental Biology - Forming A Vertebrate Embryo,"
Rebecca McLennan, Research Scientist, Stowers Institute for Medical Research
How does an embryo grow and form? A complex coordinated combination of cell movement, divisons, invasion and differentiation. Find out what we know with a focus on neural crest cell invasion. Learn about the types of experiments a developmental biologist performs on a daily basis to answer the unknown. 

MARCH 7, 2020
“From Lab Bench to Classroom Desk: Fostering the Love of Science,” Dr. Kenny Lee, Shawnee Mission School District
After 25 years doing research in universities, research institutes and private companies, Dr. Kenny Lee's greatest joy was in talking about research and helping teach new scientists. Research at the bench sparked the idea of a new path and after years in the lab, he is ready to pass the torch. Join us to hear how a career change is fostering a love for science in the next generation from the Director and Coordinator of the Biotechnology Program in SMSD.