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ScienceWise Courses 2017-2018

ScienceWise Courses are Professional Development opportunities that offers innovative and instructional techniques for all educators. It adds new dimensions of STEM learning to the classroom. Each course offers hands-on demos, science standards, resources and lessons that can be immediately used in the classroom!

All courses are held at Union Station from 8:30am - 12:30pm on the designated day. Each course is $20. Graduate credit is available through Baker University. Additional information is provided during each course. 

To register for courses, please visit here


JANUARY 20, 2018: Tyler Watts, Kansas City Kansas Public Schools  Grade Levels: 3-12 “3D Printing for Beginners.”
Participants will learn how 3D printers work; what they are capable of printing; and how to create models on TinkerCAD. This workshop will also include a tour of the Maker Studio in Science City with discussion covering 3D printing in an informal science environment. REGISTER HERE

FEBRUARY 24, 2018: Emily Meyer, STEM Program Manager, Science City  Grade Levels: K-12 “What’s in the Box? Unlocking the Uncertainties of Scientific Inquiry”
Science education requires both learning scientific concepts, as well as the development of scientific thinking skills. In this course, participants will learn it is ok to say ‘I don’t know,’ as they guide students through the process of scientific inquiry by investigating the unknown with questions, hypotheses, testing, and writing. REGISTER HERE

MARCH 3, 2018: Ryan Bell, Maker Educator, Science City  Grade Levels: K-12 “Maker Space 101: How to Set Up Your Space and Start Making!”
Dive into the world of Making by exploring the Maker Studio in Science City. Participants will discover what a Maker Space is; what it can become by starting with the ‘must-have’ tools; and how to efficiently set up for maximum creativity and innovation. Create your own paper circuits with lights, motors, and cardboard mechanisms to get a taste of the hands-on fun you can have in a Maker Space. REGISTER HERE


OCTOBER 21, 2017: Dr. Eric Langhorst, Liberty School District  Grade Levels: K-12 “Makey Makey in the Classroom: Unleash the Inventor in You.”
After describing the basics of using a Makey Makey kit, participants will be guided through creating some basic inventions: a personalized PacMan game controller, a piano keyboard made of fruit and a new game based on the classic “Operation” game. 

NOVEMBER 18, 2017: Brandi Leggett, Shawnee Mission School District  Grade Levels: K-5 “Forces Collide with PBL.”
Time! How can we fit it all in? Discover how to incorporate NGSS standards into ELA, math and social studies by participating in a Project-Based Learning (PBL) unit which focuses on forces and interactions. By understanding the components of PBL, educators can develop cross-curricular units that easily incorporate a variety of standards. 

DECEMBER 2, 2017: Darbie Valenti, Savannah School District Grade Levels: 1-8 “Putting the M in STEM.” 
STEM activities promote problem solving, but few incorporate math skills. Explore new ways and strategies to enhance learning by factoring any math standard from any grade level into the STEM equation. Strategies include Break Out challenges, budgets, “math libs,” relay races and more!

DECEMBER 9, 2017: Martha Nowak, Kansas State University  Grade Levels: K-12 “Full STEA3M Ahead: How to Put STEM into Your Curriculum with Ease.”
In this course you will learn how to collaborate with other teachers to integrate STEM into your existing science curriculum by utilizing and incorporating a variety of resources