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ScienceWise Courses 2018-2019

ScienceWise Courses are Professional Development opportunities that offers innovative and instructional techniques for all educators. It adds new dimensions of STEM learning to the classroom. Each course offers hands-on demos, science standards, resources and lessons that can be immediately used in the classroom! Check out the full 2018-2019 schedule below. Click on each title to discover more and see standards covered! 

All courses are held at Union Station from 8:30am - 12:30pm on the designated day. Each course is $25.
To register for any of the ScienceWise courses, click here.  

Graduate credit is available through Baker University. To also enroll in Graduate Credit at Baker, click here.  Additional information is provided during each course. 


NOVEMBER 10, 2018: Kristie Vogelsberg, Prevention through Nutrition  Grade Levels: K-12 “Tower Gardening in the Classroom: Growing Young Minds in Aeroponics”
Discover the ways aeroponic Tower Gardens are being utilized in the classroom! Come learn about fascinating tools to promote nutrition awareness through interactive botany and sustainability. 

DECEMBER 1, 2018: Ollie Bogdon, Ph.D., Missouri Western State University,  Grade Levels: K-12 “Science & Engineering Practices: Facts vs Discovery”
Explore the PRACTICE of science and engineering through discovery based investigations. Identify and use teaching skills to promote student use of the Science and Engineering Practices. Using the 8 practices as an entry point to build science literacy will help us move beyond just the facts, into a deeper understanding helping our students obtain scientific knowledge through the process of discovery. 

JANUARY 19, 2019: Jennifer Blank, Raytown School District  Grade Levels: K-12 “Breakout Breakthrough: Using Breakout Boxes.”
Bring the 4 C's alive with breakout boxes. Create lockbox games and digital breakout games using curriculum-related puzzles.  Solve and create your own Breakout box!  The course is full, REGISTRATION is closed.  

FEBRUARY 9, 2019: Darbie Valenti, Grade Levels: K-8 “LAUNCH into Project Based Learning.”
Be prepared to LAUNCH your students into a more learner-centered environment where they will develop deep understanding as they solve relevant, real-world problems. Using the LAUNCH design thinking model, participants will be able to gain an understanding of how to incorporate a more engaging and dynamic approach to teaching 21st-century students. Teachers will learn to take a back seat as the students begin to drive the learning. 

FEBRUARY 23, 2019: Spencer Martin, KCK Curriculum Instructor Grade Levels: 6-12 “Engineering, Technology and the Application of Science (ETS) for the STEM Teacher.” 
The Engineering, Technology, and Application of Science (ETS) are a collection of performance expectations in the NGSS and can be useful for all teachers. In this workshop, teachers go through the engineering design process in several manners as a way to implement it more efficiently in their classroom. We will be designing a toy as well as engaging in black box modeling by breaking apart and redesigning a hair dryer or power tool. 

MARCH 2, 2019: Megan Kensinger, Raytown School District  Grade Levels: 3-8 “Makey Makey: Inventing with Electrical Science.”
Learn electrical science concepts with the help of Makey Makey's and Scratch through design, programming and construction. Learn how to involve students in PBL activities that harness their creativity and innovation! Makey Makey Kit is available at a discounted rate. 

APRIL 20, 2019: Becky Plumberg, Nature Center Specialist, Science City Grade Levels: 2-12 "Biomimicry: Nature has an app for that" 
Biomimicry is a relatively new science that is becoming the buzz word for educators, engineers, architects and scientists alike. Nature has solved every problem out there and when things change, they adapt quite well! Now it's time for us to look to nature to help us find sustainable solutions to human challenges.