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ScienceWise Courses 2019-2020

ScienceWise Courses are Professional Development opportunities that offers innovative and instructional techniques for all educators. It adds new dimensions of STEM learning to the classroom. Each course offers hands-on demos, science standards, resources and lessons that can be immediately used in the classroom! Check out the full 2019-20 schedule below. Click on each title to discover more and see standards covered! 

All courses are held at Union Station from 8:30am - 12:30pm on the designated day. Each course is $25.
To register for any of the ScienceWise courses, click here.  

Graduate credit is available through Baker University. To also enroll in Graduate Credit at Baker, click here.  Additional information is provided during each course. 

UPCOMING COURSES - All courses are currently being updated! Enrollment is now open. 

October 5, 2019: Nancy Smith, Olathe School District  Grade Levels: K-5 “Engineering Design Challenge”
Join the fun of introducting monthly engineering design challenges to your science curriculum. Join us to participate in a hands-on workshop centered on children's literature and solving a real world problem. Educators leave with a packet of 10 challenges that they can implement in their classroom. 

October 12, 2019: Maryann Hebda, Gardner Edgerton School District  Grade Levels: 2-8 “Spheros of the Station: Integrating STEAM with Rolling Robots”
Incorporating code into your STEM lessons just got easier with Sphero. Experience the student-friendly Spheros that can roll, jump, swim, and even paint, all while using sensors to graph data. Come learn how you can access incredible resources through the Sphero Edu App and be inspired to engage your students in STEAM with rolling robots! 

November 9, 2019: Jennifer Blank, Raytown School District  Grade Levels: K-12 “Breakout Boxes for Beginners.”
Breakout boxes take the appeal of the "escape room" and bring the 4 C's alive: critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication. Instead of a locked room, teams must figure out how to get inside a tightly locked box using curriculum-related puzzles. In this workshop, you will be introduced to Breakout EDU's physical and digital lockbox games, play a breakout box, explore Breakout EDU website, locate where to find and print clues, and practice how to reset the locks.  

November 23, 2019: Meg Richard, Olathe School District  Grade Levels: K-8 “Celebrating Science with "Cell-fies"”
Embrace the cross-cutting concept of patterns while looking at the patterns within us... and strawberries. You will explore cells by looking at your cheek cells and taking "cell-fies" with your electronic devices. Participants will utilize scale, proportion and quantity by extracting DNA from strawberries and will learn how to use an electrophoresis chamber on a budget. 

December 7, 2019: Ollie Bogdon, Ph.D., Missouri Western State University,  Grade Levels: K-12 “The Story Behind 3 Dimension and Phenomena Based Units - Part 1”
This workshop takes place over 2 sessions (Part 2 will be held February 1, 2020). We will live the story of a unit plan beginning with phenomena and steeped in the three dimensions. Along the way you will start creating your own unit aligned to state/NGSS performance expectations, embed the three dimensions, and kick it all off with phenomena. We will keep in the fore front that studetns need to figure out the ideas and concepts being explored and not just learn about them, make sense of Phenomena, and not just learn the facts surrounding them. By the end of this 2 part workshop, you will leave well on your way to completing a fully developed unite tha you can use with your students. 

January 18, 2020: Megan Finlay, Raytown School District  Grade Levels: 2-8 “Junkbot, and Artbots, and BristleBots OH MY!!"
Want to know how to turn your recycled goods into moving robots? Junkbots, Artbots and Bristle Bots are an exciting way to reinforce electrical cicuits, the engineering design process and creative problem solving. This workshop will be a hands-on experience where you will become the students and create your own robot. You and your robot will walk away armed and ready to implement. 

February 1, 2020: Ollie Bogdon, Ph.D., Missouri Western State University,  Grade Levels: K-12 “The Story Behind 3 Dimension and Phenomena Based Units - Part 2” (Part 1 held on December 7, 2019)

Febraury 22, 2020: Jennifer Blank, Raytown School District  Grade Levels: K-12 “The Breakout Box Blueprint: Creating Teacher and Student-Designed Breakouts”
Calling all Breakout Box users: are you ready to take your curriculim to the next level? This workshop is designed for people who are already familiar and comfortable with Breakout boxes. Are you ready to dive into the world of puzzle creation? Are your students already Breakout pros and ready to synthesize and evaluate? In this class you will be guided through the Breakout Box creation process and will create you own while discussing the pedagogy behind guiding students through their own Breakout box creation-both physical and digital.  

March 7, 2020: Spencer Martin, KCK Curriculum Instructor Grade Levels: 3-12 Developing Data Literacy in Students.” 
What is data literacy? In this course you will explore strategies using various tools to help students engage in data analysis and data creation so that they can move past staring blankly at graphs on worksheet and move on to becoming real investigators of scientific phenomena. 

March 28, 2020: Nancy Smith, Olathe School District Grade Levels: K-5 Backpack Science” 
Do you want to extend the science and engineering learning that's going on in your classroom? Would you love to have parents involved in their child's science education? Join us for a morning of sharing the idea of Science Backpacks that are filled with easy to do science concepts. This course will encourage teachers to begin collecting materials that can be turned in to science backpacks that they get to take with them. Each backpack will contain a piece of children's literature, a simple activity or experiment, accompanying supplies and directions for use! Parents will love these fun activities, and your students will reap the benefits.