Mike Parker Pearson

Renowned archeologist, leading Stonehenge specialist and exhibition curator, Dr. Mike Parker Pearson, takes you on a journey through this fascinating, ancient world, offering a detailed and enthusiastic account of his research work.

Dr. Pearson combines 20 years of findings into a single comprehensive, fully-informed theory, which is the recurrent theme of the exhibition.

Stonehenge, a place of celebration and worship. A symbol of unity to it's builders and visitors, alike. And ultimately, a layered, intricate and almost impossible marvel of massive engineering that chronicles over 5,000 years of civilization.

Formally, Dr. Pearson is an English archeologist specializing in the study of the Neolithic British Isles, Madagascar and the archeology of death and burial. A prolific author, he was the director of the Stonehenge Riverside Project and currently a frequent media personality, appearing in the National Geographic Channel documentary, Stonehenge Decoded, along with the PBS program, NOVA: Secrets of Stonehenge.