Our Guests Say it best . . .

"We have been to Stonehenge about 32 years ago, so this was nice to be able to see locally as sort of a refresher visit; plus we learned a lot more than we knew"

"Beautifully done. A complete story that's fascinating and full of human drama. Feels like we journeyed to Stonehenge and will be home before dinner. It's really that good."

Myra and Valorie

"Absolutely fascinating. I never miss an exhibit at Union Station. So many artifacts and the story isn't just about Stonehenge the place, it's about thousands of years of history and that's what I love."


“So interesting. And the 'Make-Your-Own-Stonehenge' activity was a great way to get my kids involved.”


"Stonehenge is wonderful. The tablet videos next to artifacts make the experience informative and engaging from beginning to end. You truly answered the big questions: Who built it, How and Why."


"We're members of Union Station and love bringing our grandkids. Stonehenge does a wonderful job of speaking to both adults and kids. They especially liked the 3-D sculptures. The whole experience was first class."

Bill & Ann

"The last time we were here was for Art of the Brick with our parents. We like Stonehenge just as much. All the video screens were cool. If you don't like to read, just listen. And at the end, it was cool to create our own Stonehenge."

Marcus & Trevor

"We're not members, but should be. We love Union Station. My family is always coming here. Stonehenge was very cool and way more interesting than I expected."


"We're members of the Nelson-Atkins, but love to see things all around Kansas City. We came to Diana and Art of the Brick and really enjoyed them. That's why we're back for Stonehenge. It's great that Union Station brings these experiences from all over the world."

Karen & Brenda

"We brought friends from Texas with us today. Union Station exhibits are always so good. Stonehenge is fantastic. We could have spent the whole afternoon here. Our favorite part is how Stonehenge continues to influence pop culture. This is exactly how we love to spend our retired life. Exploring Kansas City and learning new things."

Ray & Diane