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T. Rex Hunter, Dr. David Burnham Public Lecture

October 13, 2018


TIME: 9:00 - 10:00 AM

Tyrannosaurus rex, with its massive skull, ferocious teeth and tiny arms is perhaps the best known of all dinosaurs. Even so, there's still so much more to learn about the T. Rex, at every life-stage. Recent findings, for example, suggest that T. Rex changed far more dramatically with age than previously thought.  This has us looking at fossil specimens in a whole new way.

Dr. David A Burnham, renowned Paleontologist at the University of Kansas’s Biodiversity Institute will present fascinating recent discoveries regarding T. Rex, including fossils collected in the Hell Creek rocks of Montana. An expert in dinosaur research, Dr. Burnham has traveled the globe documenting the natural history of dinosaurs and has published extensively on both raptors and T. Rex. Currently, his lab at the University of Kansas Natural History Museum is working on bones from a T. Rex and current fieldwork will continue the significant excavation in Montana.

Dinosaur enthusiasts and guests of all ages will also learn about the latest tools and techniques used to excavate and prepare dinosaur fossils for scientific research and public presentation.

There is NO COST to attend this “Hunt for a T-Rex” presentation.  You will, however, need to register ahead of time here, as seating capacity is limited.

To purchase tickets in advance for the Dinosaurs Revealed: Journey Across America exhibition, please go here and select Saturday, October 13.  Choose any time you’d like.