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Living History

Where the future meets the past

Living History app, Union Station’s new permanent digital exhibit, shares some of the most memorable stories of the people who have passed through the station’s halls during the past 100 years. Using augmented reality in rich, interactive formats and a cutting-edge virtual history tour, created by VML, the exhibit illustrates how this iconic monument and transportation hub was a key driver in Kansas City’s growth and expansion to help it become the city it is today.

How it works

Using a smart phone or tablet:
Connect to Union Station’s free TWC WIFI.
Download Living History app from Google Play or Apple App Store.
Launch app and follow system prompts to enable needed functionality.
• A map of Union Station will appear with markers for your location and the 11 experiences.
Tap a story marker on the map for a clear path to that story.
Upon arriving at an experience, your phone will vibrate alerting you that story is nearby.
Look for the markers on the floor that indicate where to stand and point your device. Tap the
    story marker on the map to launch the story and hold your phone up directly in front of you.
Once the app has locked onto the triggers in front of you, the story will begin to play.
After the video plays, you can read more about the story or watch it again.
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Download Living History Today!

Press Release

Experience the stories and history that make the 100 years of Union Station in Kansas City a must-see historical gem in the heart of the City of Fountains.