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Become a Volunteer and be a part of history!

Volunteers outnumber paid staff significantly at Union Station Kansas City. In all likelihood, visitors will encounter a volunteer more often than an employee. Volunteers are the initial guides to bringing the Union Station concept alive for the visitor. It is vitally important that Volunteers share our concepts, our style of education, and our visitor service philosophy. Volunteers have a unique opportunity to add the human touch to the "sense of wonder" that this beautiful facility strives to inspire.

Union Station’s Volunteer Program strives to create a bridge among the station, the community and volunteers to extend, enhance and supplement our services to the public.

We have several volunteer positions available. Together, we will find the perfect opportunity for you.

The Special Benefits

We appreciate all our volunteers do and can't possibly thank them enough. But we do try to show our appreciation. Give us a little of your time – just a 36-hour commitment – and we'll give you all this and more:

The more hours you work, the more benefits you get!

Lifetime Awards

  • 500 hours of service - a personalized commemorative brick in front of Historic Union Station
  • 1,000 hours of service- 5-year Membership and Special Volunteer Parking
  • 4,000 hours of service - Union Station Lifetime Achievement Award

Current Volunteer Opportunities

The list below includes most of our major volunteer roles. Please note that not all are open at all times. Please note the position you’re interested in on your application and the Volunteer Coordinator will provide further details on availability. Please Note: Must be at least 13 to volunteer for all position except for Model Rail and all volunteers under the age of 18 must sign and complete a Minor Volunteer Release Form.

Group Volunteer Opportunities

Union Station hosts a number of large events and festivals during the year that are perfect for your family, organization, or co-workers! Each event and festival has different volunteer needs and accommodations – for more information, please visit the pages listed below or contact Stacie Moody.

Group and Junior Volunteer Application


Have a few questions? Please contact our Volunteer Engagement Supervisor. She will be delighted to hear from you.

Stacie Moody
Volunteer Engagement Supervisor
[email protected]